What do you do with over 70 years combined experience in the financial services industry, marketing and brand development?

You start a consulting firm.

SagePath Consulting Ltd.

Michael Campbell

Principal, SagePath Consulting Ltd.

When it comes to navigating the corporate lattice or bringing results in 1:1 sales conversations, I’ve learned a thing or two. At this point in my career, I want to forge my own path and impart that wisdom to others to help them achieve their goals - and I want to do it in a way that addresses the shortcomings I’ve experienced with other consultants and coaches I’ve worked with throughout my career.

I’ve managed a P&L in 10s of millions, led technology implementations with a $15 million annual budget, and led a national sales team with $6 billion yearly targets. I have a proven track record of driving growth and engagement through creativity, digital innovation and first-to-market product launches in the wealth management, insurance and group retirement services segments. I have front-line experience on full commission and functional responsibility for nearly every moving part of a financial institution. As a result, I've gained insight across a broad cross-section of the industry. I’ve experienced the magic that can happen when small teams focus on a shared goal and the unintended shortcomings of large matrix organizations.

When I’m not working on SagePath's business and helping our clients grow theirs, I’m usually at the cottage playing on my tractor, doing projects or renovations.

SagePath Consulting Ltd.

Chris Brittain

Marketing Director, SagePath Consulting Ltd.

Since 2011, I’ve been working with financial advisors to establish the identity of their practices, build impactful brand narratives, enable sales and make greater connections with clients and prospects.

Nothing gets me more jazzed professionally than when I’ve helped an advisor practice experience increased brand awareness, higher customer satisfaction and retention and faster business growth. While I enjoyed my time leading large teams in large companies overseeing marketing and distribution communications, I'm all too familiar with the shortcomings of “head office” when it comes to supporting advisors' unique businesses.

I love working with our clients to develop solutions that work and offer choice and flexibility that are as unique as their businesses.

When I’m not playing business-marketing-professional-guy, I’m usually out in the garage welding something, woodworking or squeezing every ounce of performance out of my 57’ Chevy pickup truck “tetanus”.

SagePath Consulting Ltd.

Brian Ready

Creative Director, SagePath Consulting Ltd.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, I believe this couldn’t be truer for every element of a business's brand and marketing collateral as it creates an emotional response before anyone reads the first word. For over 25 years I’ve been leading creative teams to enable the largest financial services brands in the country to maximize ROI, brand awareness and building connections with customers. My focus is a solid strategy and compelling, impactful creative. I’ve also spent lots of time helping small businesses in my community craft impactful stories through custom photography and video creation that helps their brand stand out in a crowd and supports their strategic goals.

When I’m not managing the development of visual and media collateral, I’m can be found outside playing with my drone, taking pictures of natural landscapes or kiteboarding.

When we work with clients, we bring a passion for creating value in a way that’s tangible and measurable. The same things we focused on during our time at some of Canada’s oldest and most respected financial institutions. 

If you’ve hit a wall in your career progression, a project or business growth, we’ve been there and it’s normal.

SagePath Consulting is literally the marriage of wisdom (sage) and guidance (path) and we’re here to help you navigate the wall you’re facing. Climb over it, dig under it or smash through it, let’s do this!