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Social media is the fastest growing digital channel when it comes to sales and marketing. But it’s often the one that’s widely overlooked or intentionally pushed to the side. That’s where we come in, to help with your BrandWidth.

Having a robust social media presence and sharing a good mix of sales, thought leadership and personal content can help grow your business in three distinct ways.
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  • 73
    of advisors who incorporate social media into their prospecting and brand management activities outperform their colleagues
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Brand management

Keep your brand in the spotlight with a cadence of posts and impressions

Promote your values, showcase your areas of expertise and share success stories.

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Client engagement and cross selling

Build trust and deepen relationships with existing clients, often with better traction than email or newsletters.

Lifestyle and product focused content can spur current clients to revisit their current financial plans, consolidate more assets with you or purchase additional solutions.

SagePath Consulting Ltd.

Prospecting and marketing

98% of referrals will do their research before reaching out. Put your best foot forward with a strong online presence.

Garner access to new audiences through social selling and targeted campaigns.

Our social media management program will help you save time, grow your audience and grow your business.


We offer a social media management platform to connect all your social media properties. You can log into one place to post content, schedule deployment, review engagement, and build campaigns across all connected social media profiles.


We offer a robust content library that includes white-labeled proprietary Canadian content you can share and publish as your own.


We offer industry and lifestyle articles from over 70,000 publications you can share, positioning yourself as a thought leader in your space.

We offer varying levels of support to meet the needs of your business. Everything from 'here's the keys', to, 'let us drive'.


Social media management platform​

Third party content library

Curated Canadian content you can share as your own​

Advisor configures social media profiles

Advisor selects and posts content from library

Advisor interprets data and impact *$169.99/month​


Includes Digitally Savvy services plus:

Social media content strategy template​

Annual analytics report and debrief with relationship manager​

Quarterly content outlook summary

SagePath configures social media profiles

​ Advisor selects and posts content from library

SagePath interprets data and impact annually​ *$249.99/month​


Includes Help Me! services plus:​

Semi-annual analytics report and debrief with relationship manager​

Monthly content outlook summary​

Enhanced content (market summaries, etc.)​

SagePath selects and posts content

SagePath interprets data and impact semi-annually *$399.00/month​

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*Prices if paid annually, add 5% for monthly payments.

Advisor firms with a strong digital presence are more profitable.

  • Success in financial services has traditionally been founded on network marketing and referrals, but times are changing and so is consumer behavior. If you’ve been putting off social media as part of your business growth strategy, you’re missing out. A strong social media strategy can put you in front of audiences and prospects that you may not otherwise reach, which can lead to significant business growth.

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